Depending on your needs, our laboratories can provide characterization of components, blocks and channels, debugging and optimization, intensive training and direct comparison with a reference system. The services are not restricted to research lidars. Commercial systems and ceilometers can also be evaluated, including parts and sub-systems. For the detailed description of each installation and services offered, please visit the individual pages from the menu at top.

More specifically, the services refer to:

  • Characterization of basic components (laser, optical and electronic parts), to quantify the contribution to systematic errors: laser beam characterization, optical and spectral characterization of lenses, filters, mirrors and fiber optics, spectroscopic ellipsometry measurements, polarization measurements, paraxial analysis of optical systems, electronic modules synchronization, stability, response time/speed.
  • Assessment of the overall system’s performance: side-by-side comparison with EARLINET reference mobile lidar systems
  • Systematic quality assurance of the optical and electronic chains and fault diagnosis: analysis of dedicated test files to identify the quality of the measurement channels
  • Inspection, debugging and optimization of lidars: expert diagnosis at your site, identification of instrument problems and solutions
  • Intensive training in good practices for lidar operation, and correct application of QA tests for the assessment and optimization of the optical\electronic chains