LiCal is the official Lidar Calibration Centre for the Aerosol, Clouds and Trace gases Research Infrastructure (ACTRIS).

While regular users (e.g. EARLINET stations) are accessing LiCal installations systematically in order to fulfill the agreed standards and ensure homogeneous data quality, it is expected that the number of new users will increase considerably due to ACTRIS trans-national access opportunities.

LiCal is now open to weather services and aviation safety administrations, which are now in the process of implementing such systems for warning or monitoring purposes, as well as lidar/ceilometer developers.  Moreover, we welcome new lidar stations to be soon operational in countries which have recently joined EU or are now in the process (Serbia, Croatia, Republic of Moldova, etc.).

Physical access is provided by LiCalTrain, LiCheckUnit, POLIS and MUSA.

  • At LiCalTrain (Romania), users (especially new or not very experienced lidar/ceilometer operators, 1-2 persons / station for 5 days) are trained to apply standard procedures for lidar measurements (lidar alignment,  cleaning of the telescope mirror and optical components, telescope alignment and check-up tools) and correct application of QA tests for the assessment and optimization of the optical\electronic chains (telecover test for optical alignment checkups, depolarization calibration tests and procedures, Rayleigh fit test for alignment checkups, laser trigger-detection synchronization tests).
  • POLIS (Germany) and MUSA-mobile (Italy) are used for access at the user site (approx. 2 weeks), as reference for direct comparison and intensive training. The choice between the two installations is made considering the configuration of the system to be calibrated. The same services are provided by MUSA at its original location (Potenza) for users / manufacturers of mobile / portable lidars.
  • To investigate malfunction of their instrument, users are granted access to LiCheckUnit (Germany). The installation is moved to the user site location for approx. one week, and the expert inspects the instrument, identifies the causes and recommend solutions.

Remote access is provided by LiCoTest and LiReQA.

  • At LiCoTest (Romania), users can send samples (components and blocks) to be characterized.
  • At LiReQA (Germany), users can send test data (special format, collected by the operators) to be analysed. In both cases, a report containing the results will be sent back to the user, with recommendations.