Access is provided to one or more LiCal installations, based on your request and needs. You just have shortly describe the system to be calibrated and the problems identified / suspected. Facts such as “last calibration date”, “major upgrades”, “expertise of the operators”, “application and recommended measurement accuracy” will be taken into consideration by the LiCal User Selection Panel when recommending and granting access to (a) specific LiCal installation(s).

If you want to use LiCal services, please download the Access request form, fill in specific information and send it to the contact point. You will be informed in about one week about the decision of the LiCal User Selection Panel.

  • When you address to a particular installation of LiCal, please take into consideration the following aspects:

At LiCalTrain (Romania), you will be trained to apply standard procedures for lidar measurements (lidar alignment, cleaning of the telescope mirror and optical components, telescope alignment and check-up tools) and EARLINET’s standard QA tests for the assessment and optimization of the optical\electronic chains (telecover test for optical alignment checkups, depolarization calibration tests and procedures, Rayleigh fit test for alignment checkups, laser trigger-detection synchronization tests).

POLIS (Germany) and MUSA-mobile (Italy) are used for access at the user site, as reference for direct comparison and intensive training. The choice between the two installations is made considering the configuration of the system to be calibrated. In this case, a side-by-side comparison has to be scheduled in advance. A report containing the intercomparison result will be sent to you after analysis. The same services is provided by MUSA at its original location (Potenza) for users / manufacturers of mobile / portable lidars.

To investigate malfunction of your instrument, you can access the LiCheckUnit (Germany). The installation will be moved to your site for approx. one week, and the expert will inspect the instrument, identify the causes and recommend solutions. A report containing the findings will be delivered afterwords.

At LiCoTest (Romania), you can send samples (components and blocks) to be characterized. At LiReQA (Germany), you can send test data (special format, collected by the yourself) to be analysed. In both cases, a report containing the results will be sent back to theyou, with recommendations.