ACTRIS data policy

ACTRIS is an infrastructure improving atmospheric observations, developing new methods and protocols, and harmonizing existing observations. The aim of the ACTRIS data policy is to state the condition of use for all data resulting from the activities of the ACTRIS infrastructure network. ACTRIS Data Centre is giving free and open access to all data resulting from the activities of the ACTRIS infrastructure network, complemented with data from other relevant networks.

ACTRIS aerosol lidar data are reported to the EARLINET Data base.  Data are variables measured with the recommended methodology.   Aerosol profiling is qualified as ACTRIS data only if:

  • The data are provided by an ACTRIS partner, third party, or associated partner
  • The lidar channels used to obtain the data follow the EARLINET hardware quality-assurance internal procedures described in the document “Lidar quality-assurance internal checkups” available in the WP2 domain of the ACTRIS intranet, and from the ACTRIS data center.
  • The lidar station providing the data is in the roster of periodical direct intercomparisons against a reference system.
  • The algorithms used to retrieve the data from the measurements have successfully passed the tests set and recommended by ACTRIS aerosol profile expert group, available through the ACTRIS1 web pages.
  • The data variables and their format comply with the EARLINET variables and format as described in the data archive and user section of the EARLINET intranet, and made available at the ACTRIS web pages.
  • The data are available from the EARLINET database.